Diadem Capital: Providing Different Types of Funding for Startups

Time to fundraise differently: Diadem Capital’s approach to types of funding for startups.

At Diadem Capital, we’re all about changing the fundraising game starting with the types of funding for startups. No more Silicon Valley zip codes, no more out of reach investors. Through our platform, we connect startup founders with the right people at the right time. In fact, our data-driven approach only recommends pairing founders and investors that meet definitive criteria—it’s fundraising differently. It’s fundraising smarter.

Read on to learn all about the types of funding for startups and how we can help you in your next fundraise.

More time, more capital

Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s talk about why fundraising has to change. For modern founders, you’re pulled in every direction. Throw fundraising into the mix, and your operational duties suffer. Instead of total focus on your business, it’s total focus on the right types of funding for startups and the one that’s right for your business.

It’s not like investment is a walk in the park, either. If only one in 100 investor pitches are successful, how many hours of prospecting, preparing, and pitching are lost during every funding round? More than a few, that’s for sure. For your startup to succeed, especially in volatile markets, it needs your complete attention. That’s why we’re ripping up the rule book.

What makes Diadem so different? We’re glad you asked. Money is cold—but our personable and professional approach absolutely isn’t. Getting to know our startups and investors means we understand what both parties are looking for before striking a deal. If the data doesn’t align, then we don’t put people together, it’s as simple as that. Our core service is about warm introductions, not hard sales. 

With that in mind, you can stop worrying about how to find the right types of funding for startups and just do what you do best. Less time spent chasing the wrong investment is more capital in the bank. Think of us as an extension of your fundraising team; one that happens to have the key to unlock the door to previously unreachable investors. 

Fundraising together

You won’t ever catch us making promises we can’t deliver on—which is why our fees are applied through a success-based model. We’re upfront, honest, and on your side. Look, we all want investors and founders to strike a deal at the first opportunity, but that’s not (usually) how it goes. Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Providing the tools and opportunities to increase success rates through data-driven analytics? Now that’s a promise we can commit to.

Let’s break it down. Our role in your Venture Capital process is purely additive. How so? Because we’re adding value to your startup and funding team. We immediately blacklist any previously contacted investors to prevent duplication, while helping you navigate the fragmented world of fundraising. Right now, over 550 investors have opted-in to Diadem Capital’s dealflow. Venture capitalists, corporate VCs, family offices, lenders, angel investors, and so much more. Straight away, that’s more than 550 opportunities to raise capital that you didn’t have before. 

This is a partnership, though. Sure, we’ll make the right connections and expand your potential investment top of funnel, but you still need to hold your own when it comes to pitching. That doesn’t mean you’re left isolated and without support. With a dedicated comms channel, we’ll be in touch throughout the entire process. 

We don’t do quantity, we only care about quality dealflow and helping our founders go forward with every step.


Feedback matters for different types of funding for startups

Dealing with setbacks is part of life. It’s exactly the same with Venture Capital. We’ve been there. You’ve been there. It happens. Taking that experience onboard and turning it into a positive is a major aspect of our service. Honestly, when was the last time your pitch feedback was substantially more than the old cliche of “it’s not you, it’s me”? Through our warm and established network relationships, we speak directly to investors to get the true feedback you need to grow.

Better feedback makes a difference. Knowing why investors are passing on deals means knowing what went wrong and what can be done better next time. Every CEO pitches. Sometimes in the hundreds. Giving you a frank heads up, even in difficult circumstances, is fundamental to securing your next round of capital. It’s also a huge part of our service offering. With our software, you can track your progress from due diligence to deal in just a few simple clicks—as well as reviewing investor responses. 

It’s not all bad news, though. You’ve just struck a deal! For some founders, a term sheet may be new ground. Maybe you’re already an expert and just looking for a second opinion. No matter, for all types of funding for startups, we’ll assess everything that’s on offer—from a non-legal perspective and based on our market understanding—and support you through the completion process. We’re in this together, founders, Diadem, and investors alike.

Diamonds in the rough

Don’t worry, investors, we hear you. In fact, we can’t succeed without you. While we love our founders, our digital platform is a welcome place for those looking to back the next best thing. Providing curated and data-driven dealflows, here at Diadem Capital, we pride ourselves on the ability to help you find your diamond in the rough. 

You already know that warm introductions matter to us, and we take our time to fully understand what you’re looking for and why. In fact, all our investors are personally approved and vetted by our team. Through nurtured relationships, start increasing your portfolio’s exposure and discover exclusive opportunities that only we can provide.

Providing types of funding for startups: we’re founder friendly and VC accepted

Connecting the right founders with the right investors, at Diadem, our personable and professional approach sets us apart. Make fundraising easy with our digital services, and take your startup to the next level.
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