Eligibility explained

Discover how Diadem Capital carefully selects our startups, the end-to-end investment process, and pricing.


Our key founder criteria

To join our network of startup founders, you must meet the following:

Raise sizes of $2-50M

Post-product with traction showing PMF

Minimum revenue of

$500,000 with good growth YoY, QoQ

USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, Western Europe, or UK based

For SaaS, $1M ARR with positive NDR

Minimum $3M in CPG revenue

Transparent pricing that’s ‘first-money’ only

We only charge when you get funded. At Diadem Capital, we’re founder friendly and VC accepted.

No retainers or upfront fees

4% fees that waterfall to 2.5% and include a total fee cap

First money only, no fees on future pro-rata

For non-dilutive investment, we charge just 1%

How our investment process works

Get to know how we support you from sign-up to investment.

1. Complete the registration process on our website.

  • Our Metric Review will determine whether or not your application is approved, rejected, or postponed.
  • If successful, we’ll hold an introductory call to get to know you personally.
  • We’ll issue you with a mutual NDA and fee agreement

2. Next, you’ll be granted access to Diadem Capital’s data room.

  • We’ll host a follow-up call to see how things are going.
  • You’ll receive a blacklist based on provided startup and KYC material.
  • We’ll create a preferred and direct communication channel (e.g. Slack, WhatsApp).

3. We’ll setup your profile and make sure you’re happy with the content.

  • Our Metric Review will determine whether or not your application is approved, rejected, or postponed.
  • Your start-up will be delivered to potential matches via Diadem Alerts.

4. We’ll introduce you to potential investors.

  • Track, log, and maintain all your introductions on our platform.
  • Diadem Capital gathers direct feedback from investors after the call.

5. We’ll check-in with you to discuss strategy and what can be improved.

  • We’ll help to advise on your Termsheet and any negotiation.
  • Complete discussion rounds with co-investors.

6. Get investment and grow your start-up.

  • We’ll continue to stay in touch, and give actionable advice to guide you on your journey.
  • Most founders love us so much, they come back for the next fundraising round.

Diadem Capital

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